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Homeowner’s Guide provides the client with useful information about their house, equipment, and essential emergency procedures.

It plays an important role in case anything goes wrong, or during emergencies, as it will guide the client on what to shut off (isolate) or switch off to prevent further damage to the property.

Also during the maintenance, it easily guides the traders on where the equipment they came to look at is hidden, how to access it etc. The photos make the whole process even simpler.

Our guide can be made not only for Residential projects, but Commercial ones as well.

  • Points to every single location of the M&E equipment, driver, valves, thermostat, and many more, but only as text and shows only one or two photos of locations

  • Drawings are only shown at the very beginning of the guide

  • Information are more universal

  • Basic emegency procedures are mentioned

  • The guide doesn't point to specific breakers in the Distribution Board or Consumer Unit and charts of the breakers are not included

  • Contact details of the responsible companies are only shown at the beginning of the guide, and we only point reference to Project Directory in the guide itself

Basic Guide

Comprehensive Guide

  • Shows photos of the location of every piece of M&E equipment, drivers, isolation valves, spurs and many more

  • Along with the photos, drawings are added on every page showing the exact location of the equipment

  • If there is more of the same equipment (like A/C units or Thermostats), we show the location of each of them, including how to access them

  • Where possible and where it makes sense, Quick guides are created, or more information is added on how to use certain mechanical equipment

  • If known, we are also pointing to specific breakers in the exact Distribution Board or Consumer Unit. Same, as we are creating a chart of all breakers in the distribution board

  • Contact details of the responsible companies are also added to individual equipment to have the information available immediately

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