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Working on family houses of various sizes and build is always incredibly rewarding. It was a real privilege to participate on this project. This entire house (originally two homes) of five floors had major reconstructions done including bringing down the walls between hallways, connecting two parts of this magnificent property into one.

There were major works done many electrical, mechanical equipment and accessories installed, adding a modern touch to every detail.

Main Contractor requested for a client complete package of our services, we worked closely with companies involved and delivered a top class service.

Ludek Ltd provides their clients with a comprehensive documentation consisting of professional Homeowners Guides, Maintenance Schedules,  Legal requirements, Certifications and many more.



Jason Barton-Grimley

Director, Cheyne Construction Ltd

We worked with Ludek Ltd on a listed building refurbishment of a total area of 800 sqm.


We have appointed them in the early stages of the project, and they work with us, especially Ludek, as a part of the team for most of the job.


The outcome of this process was great. The amount of work Ludek did was far more then what we originally imagined.


Full detailed information was handed out to the client in time. Thank you.


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