O&Ms, Building Manual, Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Instructions, Handover Documentation

Q&M / Building Manual

This document contains mostly technical information, Drawings, Health and Safety restrictions and procedures about your building.

Documentation Tracker

Provides up to date information and data obtained from contractors and suppliers about the current work status within each project.

O&M - Electronic file

A consistent Electronic Folder Structure with Subfolders of all the Important Documents organised in a professional manner, easy to navigate to find the relevant information with just few clicks.

Maintenance Schedule

A handy annual Maintenance Schedule highlighting estimated cost for taking care of all the equipment, plants etc.

Certificates & Guarantees

A completed file of legal requirements including Commissioning Certificates, Warranties & Guarantees obtained from the Subcontractors and Manufacturers.

Document Check

We can deliver document checking services for all the O&M Manuals provided by the Subcontractors, such as Mechanical, Ventilation, Electrical or any other received.  

Printing & Presentation

All documentation is professionally organised, presented in easy-to-follow order and printed on a high-quality paper to remain and serve you in a great condition for many years.

Home User / Homeowner Guide

The most important document of any property. A set of detailed and personalised instructions how to use and take care of all the equipment within the property.

Schedule of Finishes

Provides a cohesive and consistent look of all the documents, identifying particular items.

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning instructions and detailed lists of recommended cleaning products will help you to prevent damage to installed finishes of the entire property.

Consumable & Spares

 A list of spare parts recommended to be kept in stock for maintenance purposes.

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