O&Ms, Building Manual, Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Instructions, Handover documentation

This document contains mostly technical information, Drawings, Health and Safety restrictions and procedures about your building. O&Ms is not a simple term covering only all handover documentation, but it stands for much more than a few files packed with information. This document contains Technical information, Drawings, Health and Safety restrictions and procedures about a building. 
The purpose of the Operating and Maintenance Manuals are to provide adequate and relevant information on how to operate, manage and run the services.  

Our Operating and Maintenance Manuals provide clients with: 
✓ Descriptions of the Property and its Facilities 

✓ The Ownership 

✓ Full Project Directory of Consultants, Subcontractors,
Suppliers and Manufacturers 

✓ Overall Design Criteria 

✓ Relevant Authorities Consents and Approvals 

✓ Environmental Performance Requirements 

✓ Energy & Environmental Strategy 

✓ Materials & Waste Policy 

✓ General Health & Safety Information 

✓ Emergency Information 

✓ Record Drawings of the Overall Installation 

✓ Diagrammatic Drawings Indicating Principal Items of Plant 

✓ Schedule of Finishes, Fittings & Fixing

We focus on making clients lives’ more comfortable by taking the burden away from them to produce and deliver top-notch O&Ms. We understand contractors do not have the time or resource and are often too overstretched to identify and provide well structured, detailed O&Ms for every single project. 


Our expertise lies within the identification, production and delivery of all elements of relevant information, and it also includes chasing and getting the vital information from subcontractors and others. We have it all covered and enjoy taking an extra mile where others do not. 


Every project, regardless of size, follows our well-structured processes. Our collaborative approach to the project and early involvement with the project team proves to be essential when integrating each element of our O&Ms. 
Our focus remains on the quality, our clients and end-users satisfaction while taking care of every aspect and information provided. 


O&M manuals are part of a handover that collates information from all contractors who were involved in the building’s initial construction or refurbishment. Getting the O&M manual right from the start will save time and costs in the long run. 


Whether you are a Main Contractor, Estate or Property Manager or Developer, you can rely on our experienced, highly professional team supporting you and communicate with you throughout the entire process. Effective operation and ongoing maintenance are critical to the long term viability of any project. 

Our team reduces stress for contractors by proactively engaging, visiting project sites, actively communicating with our clients to give clarity and to build the confidence that the Operation and Maintenance documentation proceeds, and fulfils the project requirements. 


With all information provided, clients experience minimal hassle when moving in. With our guides and manuals, they quickly understand how all the essential apartment or house controls work and where to find all the necessary information. 

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Based on your needs and requirements,
we generate a File Index & Folder Structure

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We create a Project Directory and other important Templates, including Document & Email Tracker 

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We create a Project Directory and other important Templates, including Document & Email Tracker 

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We start communicating with all your subcontractors & suppliers to get relevant information  


Once layout and design are approved, we deliver professionally completed digital or printed documentation

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